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 D&D Style story

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PostSubject: D&D Style story   Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:03 pm

This is somewhat like a Decision Story, but more D&D like. Basically, fill in this form if you wish to be in it.

Nationality: Lopezan or Monithician
Class: (Elf, Dwarf, Human, Mage, halfling, any combo)
Special Attributes:
Background Story:

Here is the basic summary of the story.
The great land of Lopez is a reasonably technologically advanced nation, with viaducts, carts, and verging on the discovery of gunpowder. At this time, however, only the most rich can afford to carry firearms, so for the most part, warriors still use medieval weapons such as swords, battleaxes and longbows.
The country is ruled by the King Alexyus, who is a good king from a warfare point of view, but is generally very harsh on those who do not follow the general religion of the land, hanging and beheading those who disagree with him. He rules with an iron fist.
The neighbouring land, Monithica, is much more docile, but not as technelogically advanced. They were of no interest to Alexyus, until they began to mine the precious substance called mythril, an indestructible silver. Now, Lopez marches against Monithica, in all it's glory. Which side do you stand on?

PM me the form, and I can begin to work on Chapter 1. I'll need about 6 or 7 people before I can start properly.
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D&D Style story
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