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 Space and Time - an Award-winning story

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PostSubject: Space and Time - an Award-winning story   Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:03 pm

Yes, I wrote this story, and yes, it has won an award.

Space and Time

Gaza Strip, unrecorded time.

A sole sound echoed across the valleys of the Philistines. A crack. One sound that

changed the world forever. It would cause tension in time and space that would rise in

the next 3000 years.

My name is Eghad. I lived here with my mother, father, and 4 sisters. And these

events that I am about to speak of changed my life forever.

I was out in the desert, crawling from shade to shade, looking for animals that might

come out in this barren wasteland. I know the best animals come out at night, but I was

doing my solo hunting test. This meant that I needed to go out in the day to the desert,

and bring a certain type of prey back to my teacher. So far, I wasn’t doing very well.

I stopped to catch my breath, and glanced around. Far above a vulture circled.

They won’t get anything today I thought grimly. I pulled out a crude bow, and notched an

arrow to it. If I can bring a vulture down, I will surely be the greatest hunter ever!

I pulled back the string, and aimed the arrow. Suddenly, I heard a scuttling sound on the

ground near me. I spun around, and as I did so, the arrow fired, and shot over a hill. I

heard a human yell, but I was too busy glancing around for the source of the scuttling to


I was about to give up and carry on when I saw it. A scorpion. I froze, then slowly started to notch another arrow to my bow. I drew, and then let fly. The scorpion was pinned to the ground, and slowly died. I ran over the dune, and saw a man wearing odd clothes, a mixture of green, dark green, and brown. Slung over his shoulder was an odd mechanism I could not fathom. I ran over to him, and knelt by him.

‘Are you alright?’ I asked urgently.

The man groaned, and muttered a few words in the language of the Israelites, which did not sound very complimentary. Then he propped himself up on his elbows, reached down, and wrenched the arrow from his leg. He pulled the apparatus off of his shoulder and pointed it at me. His eyes narrowed.

I have always been different from the rest of the young men in my village. I had always been able to sense when danger was near, like a cat can sense scents in the air. That was how I knew that the scuttling was not just a crab come too far inshore.

That was how I knew now I was in danger.

I leapt sideways as a blast echoed across the desert valley. Behind me, a row of sand shot up into the air, and flew askew. I landed on the ground, rolled, leapt up, and lunged at the man. He jumped back, and let fire with the machine again. I ran backwards, and the sand in front of me exploded. Then there was a crack, the ground split, and I fell.

Modern Day, Jerusalem, the Knesset

His hand slammed down on the table, making a cup of coffee spill.

‘I will not be told what to do in my own office!’ yelled Irasha Shalit. ‘The offensive in Gaza will continue, whether we have public sympathy or not!’ He stood up, his hands crossed behind his back. ‘Hamas will continue attacking us until either they or we are destroyed. We can not allow this to continue. I’m sure you understand.’

The man he was talking to glanced up at him, then pulled out a copy of the Eleftherotypia, a Greek newspaper. ‘I think we’re stirring up quite a lot of anti-Semitism’ he said dryly. ‘At least call for a cease fire.’

Irasha sighed. ‘Fine, but if we get revoked from the UN because of this, I’m blaming it on you.’

The man stood up. ‘Well, now that we have that settled, we go on to the other matter- where is Ilia?’

Ilia Goldberg had been sent into a tunnel that Hamas may have been smuggling weapons through. He had never come back out.

‘He had his machine gun’ murmured Irasha, his voice suddenly quiet and calm ‘He should be fine, David.’

David Goldberg, Ilia’s father and a military genius glared at Irasha. ‘Should isn’t enough for me. I need a will.’

David stood up, and strode to the door. ‘I wish you a good day, Mr. Shalit.’

‘Where are you going’

‘I’m going to find Ilia myself’

With that, David shut the door, and walked out of Knesset

- - - - - - - -

I landed with a thump in the middle of a dark tunnel. Pain seared through me, and I let out a few words in Arabic. The darkness s deemed endless as I pulled myself up into a sitting position. I remembered a hunting technique my teacher had taught me, and I lay my ear to the floor of the cave. There were no vibrations.

All clear I thought, and stood up. Suddenly, there was a rumble, then several cracks. I looked around, wondering where the noise was coming from, then looked up. There was a tunnel leading straight up from where I was standing. A door made of iron had closed over the mouth of the tunnel. I cursed under my breath, then ran along the tunnel. Deep in my subconscious, I was already starting to panic. I reached fork after fork, dead end after dead end. It was starting to get harder to breath. The air was becoming increasingly arid. Suddenly, I saw the faintest of glows. I ran towards the light, and burst out of the tunnel. I was standing on a hill, a soft breeze blowing my hair. All was still as far as I could tell. As far as I could tell…

Below me was a flat land of green. Every so often there was a brown patch, like a bruise on the face of the earth. Small villages dotted the plain, and far in the distance was a large object I could not make out. I slowly started to make my way down the hill, knowing that in order to survive, I’d need to know this new place.

As I made my way down the hill, I noticed more and more patches of brown were coming into sight on the slope. The villages I had seen were suddenly ruined and the landscape was rapidly changing.

‘Where… am I?’ I questioned. All of a sudden, the world jerked to a halt, and I stumbled over to a rock, and sat down. Before I knew it, my face was buried in my hands, and I was sobbing. The tears would not cease to flow, no matter how much I attempted to Gentleman their flow. Finally, after a long while, my tears ceased, and I rose.

An hour later I was running through fields of mud, a completely desolate land. I leapt over mounds and crawled under wreckage. A few bangs could be heard in the distance. Then, next to me, a mound of mud shot up, and landed with a crash.

I dove forward, barely avoiding the barrage of mud. Nearby, the same thing was happening. Ahead of me, a few boulders were sticking out of the ground. It was a perfect shelter. Soon, I was kneeling behind it, breathing hard. “That was harder than it looked” I muttered. I’d had to circle around for about a quarter kilometre due to a crater that had formed as I’d been about to take a step forward.

By the time I’d reached it, I was breathing heavily, and I felt dizzy and nauseous. I decided that the pinnacles of rock would be a good place to camp for the night. The Sun set over the mountains in a ragged display of Pink, orange, red and yellow as I lay down. It was a beauty that was, astoundingly, in danger.

Rolling over and going to sleep seemed to be the best course of action, so I did just that. However, The Pinnacles were not as good a protection as I had thought. As a slept, a shrill scream echoed through the valley.

A white mist arose, and a rough hand grabbed my shoulder. I was wrenched upright, and a man shouted at me ‘Get away, boy, or Hamas and Israel will kill you in this war’. There was a shrill whistle, and then a blast of light. I was thrown sideways, and then the white was replaced with black, and I knew no more.

When I awoke, I was in a large white room. There were odd tubes stuck to me, and I felt weak and tired. Then a door opened, and two men walked in. One of them walked over to me, and said in quick Arabic ‘I will be your translator. Please speak to the doctor about yourself.’

His Arabic isn’t very good… I thought to myself. But I was prepared to talk.

‘Who are you?’ Said the translator. ‘What is your name?’

‘My name is Eghad. I was living in my small village of Kutan-Rama, and I was going on my hunting assignment. I was attacked by a scorpion, which I shot, but I’d had an arrow notched before that missed and hit an odd man wearing a mixture of green, dark green and brown. He had an odd apparatus that shot projectiles, and he attempted to kill me with them.’

The Translator repeated this all to the other man. The other man’s jaw dropped. He said a few swift words in a language I didn’t understand to the man, who then repeated them to me simply.

‘Is this true?’

‘Yes’ I replied softly ‘It is all true.’

‘Kutan-Rama was a small village in biblical times. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 120 C.E. You can not be from Kutan-Rama’

‘But I am.’

The man sighed, and muttered a few words that I couldn’t understand. Then the translator spoke again.

‘Alright… We believe you’

I shakily sat up. I felt for my belt of weapons which I’d been carrying on my hunting assignment. They were still there. I sighed, then leapt out of the bed. The tubes caught me, and I was pulled back.

‘Let me go!’ I growled.

‘Er, um, right.’ Muttered the translator, and unhooked me from the machine. I slipped out of the bed and got into the hunter’s crouch, leg’s spread wide, one hand on the floor, the other holding the weapon of choice. In this case, it was a dagger.

‘Tell me how to get out.’

20 minutes later I was in the streets of modern day Jerusalem. I had no idea what I was doing here, but I knew I needed to find my way back to Gaza. Leaping from tree to tree was an important skill in the wooded areas of my homeland, and I was sure it would be useful now.

A pole bearing a Star of David was directly above me, and was the perfect support for me to get up to the second floor of the building I had just been in. Leaping up and grabbing it was the easy part. The hard part would be getting to the balcony outside the second floor rooms.

The second part ended up being easier then I’d have thought. I swung around on the pole until I was swinging 360°, then I let go when my body was swinging upwards. One heavy landing later, and I was upon the second floor. This meant I could access the lower buildings’ rooftops.

I steadied myself, took a few paces back, and then dove off the balcony. Directly in front of me was a flat roof. With a thud, I landed, and rolled. The impact shook my whole body, and I took a few seconds to recover. I glanced around, then heard a rumbling sound. Down below me was a quivering hunk of metal. Beside it was a sign that said ‘To Gaza’. A grin crossed my face. I was in luck

Half an hour later, I was lying flat on my stomach on the top of this vehicle, the wind blowing my hair behind me. The ride took an hour. Finally, I was back where I’d begun. Gaza. I leapt to earth, and hid in some bushes. The hill where I’d first appeared was just over to my left. I dashed towards it, and started to climb. As I went higher, I saw the brown start to morph back in to green. The war-torn land began to heal. And I was leaving this god-forsaken place.

At the top of the hill, a swirling purple and blue light appeared. It blinded me briefly, and when I looked in to it, I saw the desert of my own time. I didn’t hesitate. I merely leapt. And then the Space-Time rift closed forever, and I landed in the middle of the desert. I was home.

Ilia hung his head in shame. He had been reprimanded, put on leave, and had his license to carry a gun revoked. He was in total shame. And he was being put on trial for attempting to kill me. I really would have felt sorry for him… had I know about it.

I was making my way back to Kutan-Rama, when I saw a scorpion. I swore, and then ran. The creature chased me, and we had a chase all around the valley. Finally, I killed it, and went over a small hill. There below me was Kutan-Rama. And my trainer was there with a hard look in his eyes.

‘You fail.’ He hissed.
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PostSubject: Re: Space and Time - an Award-winning story   Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:10 pm

OMG Just...WOW... OMG
I am amazed with your writing skills, this is an award winning story, no doubt. I really like the direction this plot is going and you chose a unique setting for your story. Great job. Seriously Grin
Yeah...I can see this being published if you continue to carry it along into your future.
Once again, great job. You never cease to amaze me SoF.
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Space and Time - an Award-winning story
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