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Gate's Fortune
Gate's Fortune

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Name: kenshi
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PostSubject: PLEASE READ   Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:41 am

So I'm not sure if you were aware, but did come back online for a brief period of 12 hours. It has now been destoryed by the smart-assignment mod/staff formerly known as Teeler, which since has been banned from for good. (when the site finally does came back online)

So what happened, that caused said Teeler to destory the site and thus cause further downtime from LoZ?

Here my boys is the story:

Saturday morning around 10am PST (California Time) I woke up to skype beeping on my computer. I open it... Message from Kris (GreatWizrobe) saying... Teelers gone insane, look at what hes doing"

I ask for details, Kris of course is too dimwitted to give them to me directly, so I proceeded to get online and find out myself.

LoZ TImes: Newest topic: BY Teeler: "I quit"... Ok so La di dah, so what he resigns... No the post includes vulgar terms, and basically told us all go get a life, and he was going to do us a favor...." Not even 5 minutes later the worse is yet to come...

Sage Board: Deleted
Sheikah Board: Deleted
Staff Board: Deleted

Jo's Help:
At this point I had drafted my first message to Nick and Chance via phone Txt message. Nick was away at a school thing, and I had woken chance from his nightly slumber (not a happy camper as you can imagine).

Meanwhile at
Tim (Hanyou) and Tom (Abyss Master) begin to access the admin panel to attempt to ban Teeler from doing any more damage. As much as they tried, nothing was working... Finally Chance logged in and overrode everything and successfully banned Teeler. Teeler in the process of being ban happy, had succesfully banned Zantet. (thus we gave him an award for the day... the "I survived a banning by a psychopath" award)

And so chance began to look at the damage, and he realized that Teeler had managed to erase more then just the 3 boards, but had started on several others too. And then the system restore was put in place. and it failed leaving us a database error.

So its impossible to say when the site will be up again, in the meantime become fans on FB if you have not already, and just sit and relax around here... At least you have here to call your sanctuary. I just felt as Sage/other active members, you should know the story of what occured at LoZ and why we are continuing to have this downtime.

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Name: Zero
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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE READ   Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:41 pm

Wow, I didn't know Teeler did that much damage. I don't know what got into him...that..psycho fool.
Man, I am just really upset... "get a life"? Does that mean go crazy on a site then leave forever? No! You can still have a life and log on to a website every one in awhile... T_T What mad bug got into you?

Well we better be on full watch of new members, you never know if it's Teeler with a secret username.
i know his ip and alll of his emails
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