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 Avatar - A game worth making

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Clocktown Local
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PostSubject: Avatar - A game worth making   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:17 pm

With James Cameron’s Avatar coming out later this year, We’re all set to wonder,
“Which foolish publisher is going to be stupid enough to make a video game out of a movie this time”? Well, It’s Ubisoft Montreal’s turn. The difference? They’re actually doing a good job. Like most publishers, they want the game out by the release date of the movie, so they started work on it 2 years ago. Here’s another catch-

On each console, the game will be radically different. As producer Noel Kechichian said, “When we got this license, we really wanted to explore its universe as much as possible, so we decided to tell a different story on each of the different platforms. Also, this is a very important partnership for Ubisoft, so there’s a big emphasis on quality. We really believe in the license and want to do it right.”

In the game, the humans are at war with a species of aliens called the Na’vi. And no, they aren’t annoying fairies with useless tips on how to get to places you’ve already been. These aliens have blue skin, and fight with spears and tribal swords. From the screenshots I have seen, the game looks superb and vivid. It looks like you’ll truly be able to experience the World of Avatar.

Source: Nintendo Power - October 2009
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Majora's Mask

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PostSubject: Re: Avatar - A game worth making   Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:27 pm

Great Job Rafi! You show Wonderful News Updatership! (love the last part about Navi lol, PRICELESS)


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Avatar - A game worth making
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