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 Aragorn's Light ~ A Lord of the Rings Fanfic

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PostSubject: Aragorn's Light ~ A Lord of the Rings Fanfic   Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:12 pm

A small drizzle pattered against the shingles of the roof of the hut belonging to Strider. The man in question was lying asleep on a cot, and arm and a leg sprawled over the side. he wore a cloak and a tunic, and enshrouded in the former garments folds, his hand gripped a long dagger, a short sword really... a more apt description would be a dirk. As he lay in this undignified manner, the rain began to fall harder. The sound of the droplet ricocheting off the shingles masked the footsteps of a creature approaching the door. As it reached the door, it poised. it was wearing a cloak with a hood. His face was enshrouded in shadows, and the rest of his body was covered by the cloak. He peered in through a small window.
"xsiol, jaci ui vdri! (damnit, he's sleeping!)" Muttered the being in elvish. It placed its hand on the door handle, and slowly opened the door. It slid the door shut, and pulled a match out of its pocket. It lit a candle, and then shook Strider awake.
"Wake up, The revolution has begun!"
Strider leaped up, a manic look in his eye. He charged at the being, but when it took down its hood, he stopped, and stowed his weapon.
"Legolas!" He cried, recognition flooding his face, then joy. "They told me you were killed at the battle of Dak-Honan!."
"I almost was" The Elf said darkly, his long blond hair flickering in the firelight. "Luckily, someone threw Delim in front of the Ork, and he stopped. Really kind of odd."
"Ah. I'd wondered what happened when I threw that scum off the cliff..."
"That was you?" Legolas blinked a few times.
"Yes. Now come on. I thought we were starting a revolt here!"
Legolas agreed, and the two hurried from the hut.


The duo arrived at Rivendell a few hours later. Elrond met them at the gate, and took them in.
"As I'm sure you know" The elf began. "Gandalf has discovered the location of the ring of power."
Aragorn nodded, while Legolas' eyes widened.
"What?" He practically screeched, setting birds in the nearby trees to scatter. "He's found it?"
"Yes. A hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins has it..."

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Sorry about the shortness. I wanted to write something, so I made this out of boredom. I might eventually make a story about the battle. I don't really know. Read & review please.
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Aragorn's Light ~ A Lord of the Rings Fanfic
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