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 What do you want....?

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PostSubject: What do you want....?   Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:39 pm

Alright, first I would like to thank you taking the time to look at this thread. Now then, on to business.

What I would like to ask you is, what will it take to get you to be more active, to allow us to create a bigger and better site. So, what is it that you as a user would like to see? What is it that you'd like to be able to do? What is the thing that you want that would make you say, "This is awesome, it's just what I wanted and I plan to stay and post"?

So just leave your wishes down below and they'll be taken into consideration.

Note: this is note just like the suggestion thread, here I'm asking you personally what you want to make you feel more inclined to be active.

Have a nice day then.

- Mizer


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Clocktown Citizen
Clocktown Citizen

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PostSubject: Re: What do you want....?   Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:54 am

Well, I suggested to Majora's Mask via PM if I can make a better layout for this place.

I'm pretty sure that a first big step would be to add more keywords to your website, so it gets placed on the first couple of pages when someone googles "Clocktown" or "Majora's Mask" or "Zelda". Y'know what I mean?

If you guys have an interest or good amount of knowledge in coding, then you might want to make a website that will attract members.

I'm open to help out if you need any!
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What do you want....?
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