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 Hyrule Field

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PostSubject: Hyrule Field   Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:35 am

Hyrule Field is this website I made simply to test layout features, but then it became beehive active, so...

Now that people want to use it more often, I have decided to make it a big website... even though there are few members. <-- that's the link to our portal page.


We do have an RPG Module going, and we're planning on making forums for it there are forums for them: Deku Palace, Hyrule Field, Goron Shrine, Zora Cape, and Pirate's Fortress. Termina, ftw. There's even a shop for it. (Catalog form, or our flash catalog, which requires a Flash Player. You tell our NPC what you want, and then we deduct rupees, add them, change character sheets, etc, there's a big system behind Transformation masks, anyway)

There's also a Live chat button to use a better chatbox to talk to our members, and there's a site map. Literally. It's a picture of Hyrule Field, and you click on locations and it'll take you to a place in Hyrule Field.

There are events planned for the holidays such as Halloween, Easter, christmas, etc. In other words, there is a lot planned for this place, and I just wanted to see if anyone here was willing to share just a little activity there.

As much as this is an advertisement, I don't want Clocktown to be losing activity, so... yeah.

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Hyrule Field
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