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 Nintendo E3 2010

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PostSubject: Nintendo E3 2010   Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:57 pm

Nintendo’s performance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more
commonly known to gamers as E3, could be described as simply amazing.
Nintendo brings us a new look, or dimension, into the gaming future, as
well as some comebacks for the new generation. In brief, Nintendo
announced The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country:
Returns, Kirby Epic Yarn, Goldeneye 007, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and gave
us new insight on the future of handheld gaming, the Nintendo 3DS.

To start of the morning in LA, Nintendo opened up with a
demonstration of the upcoming Zelda, with Shigeru Miyamoto showing off
the games innovative features featuring the Wii Motion Plus. He also see
two news items, this begin the Beetle, and the Whip. The Beetle is a
projectile like-device used by pointing the Wii-mote at the screen and
controlling the Beetle in air, helping to solve puzzles by grabbing far
away items. The Whip functions like any other whip, with a flick of the
Wii-mote, the whip will strike forward, but cannot affect some enemies.
The game also shows some new features, like raising the nun chuck in
order to raise your shield.

Then, Nintendo brought
us the man who built Nintendo, Mario himself. This time he was back in
Mario Sports Mix, featuring a large variety of sports that Mario and his
friends can play together. Some of these include hockey, volleyball,
and basketball. This game looks to top Wii Party, and looks to be family
friendly and multiplayer fun.

Seemingly out of
nowhere, Nintendo surprised us fans with Donkey Kong Country: Returns.
The game follows the same classic side scrolling action as the original
DKC. From the limited footage we saw, we’ve seen an incredible music
score, as well as beautifully designed levels. We at Nintendoland will
be giving you up to date news on DKCR, so stick with us!

title that came unexpectedly was Kirby: Epic Yarn. A Kirby Wii title was
in everyone’s head, yet Nintendo never told us about it, but here we
have it. K:EY uses a unique look, with Kirby being made of Yarn, and
the rest of the worlds Kirby will be exploring will look almost story
book like, much like Yoshi’s story. The game will also have confirmed
Multiplayer, and some new features not seen in other Kirby games. If we
get more information, we will inform you about it as soon as we can.

Nintendo/ Rare gives us another delightful surprise, as we
get a Wii-make of the classic FPS, Golden Eye 007. They game play will
have an up to date graphics, and wifi multiplayer, while ringing back
some old time favorite characters from the Bond series. Also shown was
the beautifully designed new Golden Sun game, with charming graphics and
classic RPG gameplay. Keep your eyes out for this one!

Yet, with what Nintendo has shown us already during this E3 may
have already been amazing, the show had just begun for Nintendo.
Nintendo would then go to show their showstopper, the 3DS. The 3DS will
be the first handheld that uses 3D aspects, and will be the first device
to use 3D aspects without the use of glasses. Nintendo also announced
that many well known companies will be developing games exclusively for
the 3DS, some of which are Metal gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, and Final
Fantasy. But Nintendo didn’t end there; they also shocked the audience
once again with the new upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising game for 3DS.

If you’ve been watching Nintendo’s coverage of E3, chances
are you aren’t disappointed. But think it ends there? Well I beg to
differ. On Nintendo’s site for E3 coverage of the 3DS, we’ve been
getting games in development for 3DS, and we don’t think you’ll be
disappointed with this line up. Check
to see games that will be made for the 3DS. Hope you enjoy, and don't
forget to check out the rest of E3!

When in doubt, shoot it.

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Nintendo E3 2010
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