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 Deathmatch! Ryu and Ken vs Mario and Luigi

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PostSubject: Deathmatch! Ryu and Ken vs Mario and Luigi   Thu May 27, 2010 5:54 pm

It was a cold winter night at the Nintendoland Deathmatch Arena, and the
fans were roaring for a fight.

Bowser: Muhahaha, welcome to the
Deathmatch arena folks. I’m Bowser, the Koopa King her to commentate for
this deathmatch, or a “watch the plumbers get pummeled” match hahaha.
M.Bison: Oh, but you’d be wrong, it is those dirty Street Fighters that
will be getting pummeled.
Bowser: Oh yeah, and here to commentate
with me is M. Bison, a really good fighter and bad guy, or so I’ve
M. Bison: You’d be right about both Mr. Koopa King.
Yeah yeah, let’s get on with it. Who do we have fighting today?
M. Bison: Why it’s the Mario brothers Mario and Luigi against those dirty
Street Fighters Ryu and Ken.
Bowser: I don’t care who they are, as
long as they beat down the Mario brothers!
M. Bison: I hope they give
the Street Fighters a beat down too. It would be delicious!
Whatever you say bud. Now let’s begin, in this deathmatch, it’ll be a
tag team match. Meaning the Mario Bros and the Street Fighters will be
tagging each other in and out. Sounds pretty cool I guess.
M. Bison: Hmm, yes indeed. Now, when shall we get started?
Bowser: Right when the Princesses’ kiss up rings the bell and reads the rules.
Toadsworth:Kiss up!? What’s that suppose to mean! I’m her advisor. I’m supposed to
keep her out of trouble.
Bowser: Yeah, and you did do such a good job, with all the times I captured her.
M. Bison and Bowser both laugh.
Toadsworth: Hrrmmm. I might as well start the deathmatch now;
would the contestants please come to the center stage?
Upon hearing
the Mario bros as well as the Street fighting team walked up to the
center ring. They each look at each other, and then look at Toadsworth.
Now, I know that you four have been in quite a number of matches, but
it is in my best interest to read you the rules once more to insure that
you know them. Now then, I as well as the corporate sponsors and staff
of Nintendoland and the Nintendoland deathmatch arena, would please
insist that you…
My, he’s more like a crazed drunken maniac than a rule keeper shall you
agree? Toadsworth says as he pats Ken on the arm. Ken just looks back
with a blank stare.
Toadsworth: Erm, anyways; have a clean fight, and
be sure to tag each other when switching out. You may begin once I
leave the ring. Tally Ho!

Toadsworth immediately rushes out of
the ring, with the fighters going to their own corners of the Octagon.
After a bit of whisper between the two teams, they each decide who will
be sent out to fight first. Ryu and Mario both step up and prepare to
fight. The bell sounds, and the match begins. Ryu and Mario both rush
towards each other at a fast pace. Ryu tries to perform a low kick on
Mario, but Mario uses one of his famous jumps to hop above the kick and
kick Ryu in the face with a flying kick. The kick doesn’t seem to faze
Ryu as he immediately counters with senpuyka, a flying, upwards moving
spinning kick. Ryu then does a mid air punch and sends Mario straight
down into the middle of the ring. Mario then crashes to the ground, as
Ryu goes to finish his combo by attempting to land on him. Mario sees
this attack and quickly dodges by moving back. Once Ryu lands, Mario
fires a fireball at Ryu. Ryu anticipates the attack and fires his own
fireball, his famous Hadoken. The two fireballs hit each other and

Luigi: Bro! Tag me in!

Mario hears his bro’s
request and jumps towards Luigi’s corner. Two the slap each other’s
hands and Luigi jumps in the ring and Mario takes his place in the

Bowser: WHAT! How’d did that Street Fighter let the
plumbers tag!
M. Bison: Who cares? As long as those dirty Street
Fighters lose, I don’t care who beats them up.
Bowser: I’ve got a
different story buddy.

Back in the fight Luigi rushes towards
Ryu. Luigi tries a sliding kick to hit Ryu, but Ryu shuffles back and
kicks Luigi in the stomach. He then grabs Luigi, holds him in front of
himself, and delivers a devastating uppercut. Luigi comes crashing down
to the ground, while the crowd starts chanting Ryu’s name.
Ken: Hey
Ryu! Stop stealing all the glory and tag me in!
Ryu: *chuckles*
Stealing the glory? Whatever you say Ken.
Ryu then rushes over to Ken
and tags him. Ken then jumps over the ropes, as Ryu goes into the

Ken: Ready to fight greenie?

Luigi gets up and
dusts off his hat. He then bends down as if he’s charging something.
confusion, Ken looks over to Toadsworth.

Ken: Uh, is he okay?

then fires out a fully charged Green Missile and hits Ken in the back.
The attack sends Ken to the ground. After a moment, Ken gets back up.
Good move Greenie, but you’re gonna need more than that to take me out!
then rushes at Luigi. Luigi then jumps up ready to attack, but Ken does
a flying kick and stops Luigi. Luigi falls to the ground and Ken slams
down to the ground on Luigi. Ken jumps off Luigi and fires a Hadoken at
him. Luigi jumps up and quickly gets out of the way. Luigi then rushes
towards Ken and does a sliding kick that hits Ken. Luigi then get’s in a
good position and tries to do his famous uppercut to Ken! However, Ken
moves out of the way just in time and Luigi’s attack misses. As Luigi is
in the air, he is utterly defenseless. Ken sees this as an opportunity
that he needed to take. Ken then uses his Super Art move! He rushes to
Luigi, kicks him a few times, and then delivers a powerful uppercut.
This uppercut sends Luigi flying up and soon after he crashes to the
ground. The crowd then explodes in cheers as they love the fight. Ken
the similes and gives multiple thumbs up to the crowd.

BWAHAAAHAA This match is going great!
M. Bison: No NO! I thought
those plumbers were supposed to be tough!

Luigi then struggles
to get up.
Mario: Bro! Tag me in!
Luigi then uses all the energy
he had at the time and runs over to Mario and tags him in.
Take this time to catch your breath bro.
Luigi: You got it bro.

sees Mario and gets ready to fight him. Mario rushes at Ken with full
speed and throws a fireball at Ken. Ken avoids the attack and rushes
towards Mario. Ken tries to punch Mario, and Mario jumps on top of Ken’s
arm, jumps again, and kicks Ken in the face. Ken falls back and Mario
keeps up his pursuit. Mario then grabs Ken’s legs, spins around, and
throws him at Luigi, who uses the rope to swing and kick Ken. The crowd
loves the bro’s Bro moves as they cheer louder and louder.

Bowser: WHATTT!!??

Ken gets up and
shakes his head a bit, trying to regain control of himself
Pretty good move, you guys must have practiced this before.
Way to go Bro!
Mario tips his cap to Luigi, but forgets about Ken,
which allows Ken to run over to Ryu.
Ken: Try not to hurt him to
much okay?
Ryu: Whatever you say Ken.

Ryu hops over the ropes
and rushes towards Mario. Mario jumps and tries to kick Ryu, but Ryu
slides under Mario and gets behind him. Ryu then delivers a powerful
kick to Mario’s back. He then follows up on his hit and puches Mario a
few times, grabs him, throws him up, and uses his senpuyka move again,
dealing some hits to Mario.

Bowser: YEAH! Keep it up Karate guy!
Bison: Grr.

As Mario lands to the ground, Ryu tries to attack
him again, but Mario jumps up, lands on his head, and does a Mario
Tornado attack! After wards, Mario jumps back and lands, panting.

BRO! I’M ALL GOOD! TAG ME IN! Luigi yells to Mario

Mario sees
Luigi and runs over to him. He then tags Luigi and hops over the ropes
out of the ring, while Luigi hops into the ring. Luigi ruses towards Ryu
at top speed, Ryu sees this and runs towards Luigi. When the two meet
in between, Ryu tries to deliver a powerful punch to Luigi, but Luigi
slides under Ryu’s kick. Ryu is confused and doesn’t know where Luigi
went, so he turns around with his guard down. Unknowingly, Luigi is
ready to strike.


Luigi then uses his
most powerful uppercut to Ryu’s jaw! Ryu gets sent flying up and crashes
down to the ground! Ryu remains on the ground in pain. The audience
screams even louder than they have before. Luigi then tips his cap to
the crowd.

Luigi: Go Weegee! Go Wegee!
GAH! RYU! Come on man!
Ken jumps into the ring as Ryu struggles to
get out.
Toadsworth: Ryu is out of the contest! Ken now has to fight
both of the Mario Bros.
Luigi: Alright tough guy, let’sa go!
Hmph, you may have taken out Ryu, but that doesn’t mean you’re taking
out me!

Ken and Luigi both rush towards each other. Luigi tries
to punch Ken, but Ken blocks the punch. Ken then tries to punch Luigi,
but Luigi ducks out of the way and gets close to Ken. Luigi then gets
ready to do another powerful uppercut
Ken: Not this time buddy!
slides out of the way just in time to avoid Luigi’s uppercut. Luigi
flies up and once again is defenseless. Ken sees this as a perfect
opportunity. Ken again uses his Shinryuken move on Luigi. After the many
kicks and the devastating uppercut, Luigi flies up high in the air and
crashes to the ground. The crowd cheers even louder.

M. Bison: GRRRR! COME ON!!!
Ken then taunts
to the audience.
Ken: You did pretty good Greenie, but better luck
next time!
Luigi then crawls out of the ring, while Mario jumps in
the ring.

Mario: You two were-a pretty good.
Ken: You and
your brother weren’t too bad either.
Mario: Let’s end this on-a high
note. I want to-a test your fire ball attack if you-a know what I mean.
You know it!
Ken and Mario both charge up their fire ball moves.

Oh boy, this one looks like it’s gona end the match!
M. Bison: Yes
indeed, hopefully Mario will pull out of it with a win!

After a
few moments, the two warriors have a fully charged fire ball attack
ready. The two both look at each other and nod. Then, they both release
their immensely power full attack. The two fireballs collide in center
ring and with a grand flash, explode! The flash blinds all of the fans
for awhile and the explosion is so loud people outside the arena can
hear it! After a few minutes the smoke clears and visibility starts to
come back.


The ring is almost obliterated. Both
Mario and Ken must have been killed by such a mighty blast! Or were
they, in the ring it appears both Mario and Ken are standing! Both
appear to be tired and worn out; now it’s on to see who can last the
longest. The two both stare at each other with intensity, trying not to
be the one to fall. Mario then begins to get tired, and falls! While Ken
is still standing!
Toadsworth: Well my my! It looks like Ken and
Ryu have won!
The crowd sees that Ryu and Ken have won and cheer.

tired and beat then walks over to Mario. With the last strength he has,
he lifts Mario up and the two shake each other’s hand.
M. Bison: No,

M. Bison then jumps out of
seat and rushes at Ken, and uses is famous Psycho Crusher! A move that
uses energy to rush like a bullet at the opponent. Doing this he hits
Ken directly! Mario looks in amazement at what M. Bison has done. Mario
tries to stop M. Bison from doing anymore damage, but M. Bison just
picks up Mario and throws him backwards. Mario is left behind weak and
powerless as M. Bison looks to defeat Ken and Ryu for good. He wish he
could help, but there’s nothing he can do to help. Luigi, weak from the
fight see’s Mario. Luigi, then crawls with all of his might and heads
towards Mario.

Luigi: Bro! Take-a this!
Luigi gives Mario a
Mega Mushroom, which heals all of his strength. After seeing this, Luigi
then eats another mushroom that he had in his pocket.
Mario: Luigi!
You’re-a my hero! Where did you get those?
Luigi: There-a lucky
shoorms bro, in case something like this ever happens. I never use them
for Deathmatches, because it would be-a cheating.
Mario and Luigi,
now back at their full strength head towards M. Bison.
Luigi: Hey-a
buddy! If you gotta problem with the Street Fighters, then we gotta
problem with you!
M. Bison: Huh? How did you- never mind. Do you dirty
plumber seriously think you can take me on? HAHAHA don’t even begin to
joke. I guess I can toy with you for a little bit.
Mario: Yeah! We
can take-a you on!
M. Bison then cracks his knuckles in a sign of
M. Bison: You dirty plumber don’t know your place. I
guess I’ll have to finish you off then!

Can the Mario
Brothers take on M. Bison!? Catch the next deathmatch to find out!

It may be harder to read in some areas just because this site likes being stupid.

When in doubt, shoot it.

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Deathmatch! Ryu and Ken vs Mario and Luigi
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