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 Dr. Luigi.

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PostSubject: Dr. Luigi.   Dr. Luigi. Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 10:02 am

My first fan-fic. I worked on this fan-fic on another site, and quite a lot actually. I've got a few chapters, and I've decided to put it up here for all ye to see. Now I should shut up; you're awaiting a story.

-Chapter 1-

It was a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and there was no sign of
trouble from the Dry Dry Desert, to the Donut Plains. It felt like a
day off to the Mario Brothers, who were peacefully relaxing in there
home away from home, Princess Peach Toadstool's castle. Her castle was
big enough to do anything, with a closet they could play Baseball in.
But the Mario Bros. decided to take there day off in a more peaceful
way, by of course relaxing by her newly installed pool along with the
Princess herself. They were being served by the Toads that work in the Princess's castle. They would serve drinks and food. But they were
running out on Mario's favorite

"Gosh, were really sorry Mario but we have no more Mushrooms in stock!" The Toad sadly said to Mario

"Hey-a don't worry about it! I'll just go to town and get some more!" Mario suggested

"No no, let us get them for you, we don't want to ruin you're perfect day!" Another toad said

"Please, let-a me go. Just think of it as a way of thanking you for what you have done for us!" Mario insisted

"If he wants to go, the let him. He could jump on you guys silly ya know!" Princess Peach joked

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!" Mario said

Then Toads disused it amongst themselves for a few seconds. Mario was waiting patiently for an answer

"Well, okay. But the Princess stays here okay?" A Toad said

"That's-a fine with me" Mario says

Mario then looks at Luigi. Luigi then says

"Well brother, Lets-a go!"

Luigi then jumps up in excitement. But Mario tells him in the middle of his jump

"Luigi, you'll be staying here and protecting the princess while I'm gone okay?"

Luigi falls to the ground

"Whatever you say Bro." Luigi said disappointingly

"Well, I'll be off then. I'll be back soon!" Mario says

Mario then walks off back into the castle. He leaves minutes later, heading for Toad Town.

Meanwhile, in Bowser's keep...

"GAH HA! This is the best plan I've made in ages! This is SOOO gona get Those Mario dorks!" Bowser says excitedly

"Yes my lord, it does seem like a good idea. Is the salesmen already in place?" Kamek asked Bowser

"Yeah. I put him there last week! But wasn't it genius of me, to get
my lackeys to steal all the castles Mushroom supplies last night! And
since we stole all the Mushrooms in Town, Those guards will have-ta
pick up one of my, special Mushrooms!"

"Excellent sir. The Re-Vita-shroom will be a hit, but how do we know that one of Mario Dorks will eat it?" Kamek asked

"Well, uh.... SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!" Bowser yells at Kamek nervously

"So, all we can do is hope?" Kamek said to Bowser

"I told you to shut up! But yeah, all we gotta do is hope.." Bowser tells Kamek
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Location : Johto Region.

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Name: Danny
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Luigi.   Dr. Luigi. Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 10:07 am

-Chapter 2 AND 3 (a Christmas treat for all of you Dr. Luigi. 658963)- The strange Shroom.

Mario finally arrives in Toad Town after a while of walking. There are
other Toads talking about business and such. There are also kids
playing in the street and on the grass, happily enjoying there day.
Then, Mario sees the Toad Town grocery. But, there are many officers
around the area. Mario rushes over to see what is going on.

"Mama Mia! What happened here??!" Mario asked one of the officers

"Mario!! Thank Peach you're here! There was a robbery here last night! Someone stole all the Mushrooms!" The officer says

"Oh No! What are we gona do!?" Mario asked

"You shouldn't worry about what to do next. I'm taking the case" a voice said from behind Mario

Mario then looked around to see who had answered his question. It was a familiar face.

"Pennington! Its been months! How have you been?" Mario asked

"Just fine, thanks for asking. I was on vacation here in Toad Town when I saw this ghastly sight." Pennington said

"Well, who do you think did this?" The officer asked Pennington

"Well, I still don't have a lead on anyone yet, so it could be anyone." Pennington answered

"Well, this stinks. All I wanted was a good old Mushroom to a-fill my hunger needs" Mario complained

"Well, I'm sorry Mario, but there's nothing I can do about that." Pennington answered sadly

"Okay, I guess I'll-a see ya later Pennington. Good luck on the case" Mario said

"And good luck on your hunger my good friend" Pennington told Mario

Mario then walked off in the other direction, still sad about his
hunger. He then walks near a shady counter, with a lone hooded koopa.
Mario sees the stand under a tree and decides to walk over and check it
out. Mario then sees that the Koopa has a Mushroom. Mario gets excited
and asks the vender.

"How-a much for the Mushroom??!!" Mario asked

The vender looks shockingly at Mario

"Well, a customer, and a famous one at that! Your my first customer
since I set up a week ago! And uh... oh yes the Mushroom." the vender

The vender then looks at Mario strangely

"This is a very rare Mushroom. In fact it can make your vital organs and muscles stronger!" the vender tells Mario

"Well, I guess I'll take it. How many coins is it?" Mario asked

"Why it can be yours for just 20 coins" The vender said with a quick smirk

Mario then though for a bit. He knew that there had to be a trick,
because a Mushroom that incredible couldn't have been less than 100
coins. But then Mario thought that Bowser had not been causing any
trouble for awhile, so what were the chances that Bowser could have
done something? Mario's hunger kept him from thinking straight, so he
decided to take the Mushroom.

"Okay, I'll take the Mushroom" Mario decided

"Excellent, that'll be 20 coins" The vender said with a smirk

Mario gives the vender the 20 coins and gets the Mushroom in return.
Mario then tips his hat in thanks to the vender, and walks back to the

"Heya Bro. What took you so long?" Luigi said as he welcomed back Mario

"Well, there was a robbery at the Toad Town grocery, so there were no
Mushrooms there. So I decided to but this Mushroom from a clerk outside
the shop instead. Where is the princess?" Mario told Luigi.

"Shes asleep in her room. And should we do something about the robbery?" Luigi asked Mario.

"No, Pennington was there and he decided to take the case" Mario answered Luigi

Mario then took out the Mushroom and held it over his head.

"Well, time to finally fulfill my quest!" Mario said happily

With saying that, Mario gulped don the entire Mushroom with just a bite.

"Well, that wasn't so-a bad, maybe I should-"

Before Mario could finish, he clutched his stomach and fainted.

"MMMMAAARRRIIOOO!!!!!" Luigi yelled at the top of his lungs

-Chapter 3- The Pill Problem.

Luigi scream has alerted everyone in Princess Peaches castle. Guards
and eventually the princess come running to the scene of the scream.
The guards see a ghastly sight, Mario is on the ground passed out, with
Luigi crying next to him.

"What happened here?" Peach asked Luigi

Luigi stops his crying for a minute to answer the Princess's question.

"Well, Mario was tellin' me a story about-a him going to Toad Town, and there was some stand and some guy with something that..."

Luigi's starts talking to fast for the princess to understand what
Luigi is saying. After a few seconds Luigi starts crying again. The
Princess assumes that Luigi is done talking, so she says..

"Luigi! Calm down! and slowly tell me what happened to Mario."

"Well, Mario ate a weird Mushroom, and he fainted and now.."

Before Luigi can finish, he starts crying again. The princess gets mad about Luigi crying


She then slaps Luigi. Luigi immediately stops crying

"Hes your Brother!! You have to stop crying and HELP HIM!!!

The Princess sops yelling. All of the guards and workers look at the Princess strangely. The Princess starts to laugh.

"Wow sorry. Was I really yelling like that?" The Princess asks jokingly.

"Well, we gotta help-a my Brother! But what are-a we gona do?" Luigi asks

Everybody starts to think for a bit. They cannot come uo with anything

"Well, I think I have a solution" A voice says from behind the crowd of people

"Pennington! What are-a you doing here?" Luigi asks Pennington

"Well, I came to work on my case because I think I have a lead on who
broke into the Toad Town grocery, and I came here to tell Mario. But
now I see that he is not in the mood to help me solve some crime."
Pennington tells Luigi

The Princess then tells Pennington what happened.

"Well, Mario was in Toad Town when he saw a stange stand. He apparently ate a Mushroom from the stand, and now where here."

"Hm, that is quite a problem. What did the Mushroom look like?" Pennington asked

"Well, it look like a regular Mushroom, except it had blueish green spots" Luigi tells Pennington

'Hmm, I suspect it had to be a defected Mushroom. Well I would go look
for the crook who sold this thing to Mario, but we need to help Mario
first." Pennington says

"Yes, we need to find a way to heal Mario, but how?" Peach asks

"That's where my plan comes in. Mario used to be a doctor right? So, he
must have virus busting pills. Now if we could find these pills we
could use them to fix Mario." Pennington says

"Good idea, I think I now where the pills are." Peach says

"In the Medical room right your highness? I'll go get them!" A toad says

The Toad then runs of to get the pills. He arrives a minute later

"Here they are everybody!" The Toad says

"Thank you. Now we can help Mario!" Peach says

"But, whose-a gona use-a the pills?" Luigi asks

Peach and Pennington look at Luigi. Soon after all of the guards and workers look at Luigi.

"Okay, I-a get it. I'll-a use the pills. But gimme a minute okay?"

Luigi then runs to his room in the castle. He comes down wearing a Doctors uniform.

"Its-a me, Dr. Luigi!" Luigi says

"Why nice clothes Luigi. Now here are the pills." Pennington says as he gives the pills to Luigi

Luigi then stands next to Mario with the pills motion-less.

"Um Luigi, is there a problem?" Peach asks Luigi

"Well, kind-a." Luigi says

"And what is the problem?" Pennington asks

"Well, um... How do you use these?!!?"
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Posts : 133
Join date : 2009-09-29
Location : Johto Region.

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Name: Danny
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Luigi.   Dr. Luigi. Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 10:10 am

-Chapter 4- A new plan! (A short chapter, but one non-the less.)

"What do you mean "How do you use these" Luigi?" Pennington asks Luigi

"Well, what do you-a think-a I mean!" Luigi tells Pennington

"Stop arguing you two. We've got to think of another plan and fast!" Peach tell Luigi and Pennington

Pennington starts to think.

"Hm, well I guess your right. Now just give me a minute to ponder an idea to help our friend and brother." Pennington says

Pennington then starts to think for a minute. He also paces to try and help him think. About a minute later he gets an idea

"Why, I think I've got an idea!" Pennington says

"And what is that?" Peach asked Pennington

"Well, Pills go into the body and stop the problem, so why can't we?" Pennington says

"Wait, you want someone to go INSIDE Mario? Wouldn't that be hard, considering were so big?" Peach asks Pennington

"Why my good princess, I took that into account. So, in order to get inside Mario, we must shrink!" Pennington says

"But-a wait, how are-a we gona get into my Bro.?" Luigi asks Pennington

"Well, there has to be someone who knows magic around here, maybe they
could shrink the person so they could get into Mario." Pennington says

"Well, I don't-a think we need-a mage. But I know some one else who could probably shrink-a the person" Luigi says

Luigi then runs over to a telephone. He dials a number in a matter of seconds. He then starts to talk into the telephone.

"Yeah Hi-ya. Its-a me Luigi. Do you have anything that could shrink
people?..... You do? great! How fast can you get to the castle.....
That fast! Ok thanks!"

Luigi then hangs up the phone. Pennington then asks Luigi

"Who was that person, and when will he be getting here?"

"You'll see in a few seconds, or at least that's what he said, I doubt he'll be getting here in..."

Just as Luigi is about to the reveal the callers identity, a crash is
heard outside. Toads immediately run outside to see what has happened. It
appears a flying transport of some kind has crash landed in the castles
front garden. The Toads pull out a man and ring him back to the scene
of Mario.

"Professor E. Gadd! What are you doing here!" Pennington asked

"Why hello, erm.. um... Pennington is it?"

Pennington nods in agreement

"Very good. Well, I'm here because I understand someone wants to be shrunk?" Professor E. Gadd asks

"Yes, I'm-a the one who called-a you. We need to-a shrink someone so they could get into Mario!" Luigi tells E. Gadd

"Well, why would you want to go into your brother?" E. Gadd asks Luigi

Luigi then goes on to explain the situation to E. Gadd

"Ah yes, I see. Mario ate a tainted mushroom that caused him to faint,
and Mario is the only one who knows how to use the pills, that is quite
a problem. Well I could help you with my shrinking technology. All you
have to do is stand over here. ow, who is going to go and save Mario."
E. Gadd asks

Everybody looks around at each other wondering who will be the one to
go inside Mario. After a few seconds of confusion, everybody looks at

'What! But- but... come-a on!" Luigi says

"Come on Luigi. You have to help Mario! He's your brother! Do you want me to slap you again??!!" Peach yells at Luigi

"NO! NO! I'll go. Okay, so you'll point that thing at me and I'll be on my way."

"Wait before you go, put this transmitter in your ear so we can talk to
each other. Well, now to start you're journey inside your brother!" E
Gadd says

"Wait! Not without me your not"


E. Gadd fires the laser and shrinks Luigi and his new partner

-I'll update again when I see what people think.-
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Luigi.   Dr. Luigi. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 5:45 pm

I like how you have mixed characters from the Mario series! Pennington was hilarious in PM:TTYD which was awesome lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Luigi.   Dr. Luigi. Icon_minitime

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Dr. Luigi.
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