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 Sonic and Ganondorf

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PostSubject: Sonic and Ganondorf   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:49 pm

This is a story about friendship. This story shows that even the most evil villain of them all, still has a good side! ENJOY!

Chapter One


A long time ago, in the land of Hyrule, far from Hyrule Castle, there was another castle. The castle was dark and the skies around it were clouded. When your in the presents of the castle, you can hear organs play from the tower within the castle. But one stormy night, there was a blue hedgehog looking for somewhere to stay, but there was no place to stay at. But luckily He found a large castle. It was the dark castle In the middle of nowhere! He could hear organs playing from inside. That hedgehog really didn’t want to go in the castle, especially after hearing the organs, but it was that He walks in or freezes in the rain. So He knocked on the doors. The door’s knockers were bigger than His hands together. No one answered, but then the doors slowly opened. He walked slowly in. He was in the foyer, there were old paintings of old, forgotten wars and all sorts of magic items and weapons hung on the walls. The whole castle was surrounded by a trench. On the left side of the foyer was a large wall with hung portraits and other items, on the right side, were pillars, there were tapestries that covered the openings to the balcony. The hedgehog kept walking forward to the main door at the top of the small stairs. The hedgehog opened the door, it was a large stairway. Up in the top of the tower there was a man, He had dark grey skin and red hair curled back, He wore heavy armor on His chest and wore large metal boots along with an old cape on His back. He was the one who was playing the organs. “Hello?!” The hedgehog started to look around Him for any other doors. “Anyone in here?!” Then suddenly all the doors including the doors behind Him were shut! It was like the castle was guiding Him. He walked up the stairs, they kept turning right. They felt like they went on forever, maybe even walking in a circle! As He was walking, He could hear the organs getting louder every step He took. Man, I’ll never get up there at this pace! He span into a ball and charged, but then stopped before He took off. “Wait! This is someone‘s home! I can‘t do this here,, but I guess I can speed up a little.” He didn‘t spin into a ball, He just ran fast, or at least to Him it was a walk. Then the hedgehog came to a stop. There was a large door at the top of the staircase. He cracked the door open and there was a man sitting and playing the organs. “I’m sorry if I bothered you but I need a place to stay. It’s a really bad storm outside and there’s no place nearby to stay. Would you mind if I stay for the night?” The man had stop playing His organs. He rose from His seat and turned around. “Your not from around here are you, and what a… odd surprise it is to find a hedgehog in my castle… one that talks too.“. “Heh, you don‘t seem too surprised to see a talking hedgehog. I decided to take of somewhere farther from home for a little while…… but I think I got lost.” The tall figure smiled, more of a grin. “I was watching you from my tower when you entered the presents of my castle. You are welcome to stay for now.” The man walked towards the door. “Thank you misterrrrrr?”. “I am Ganondorf…” Ganondorf looked towards the hedgehog. “Ganondorf, nice name. I’m Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog…”. “Well, I shall take you to your room, Sonic.” Ganondorf opened the door and started walking down the stairway. “Thank you. Hey Ganondorf, is there anyone else that lives here?” Ganondorf kept walking as He talked. “Other than my minions, no. Just me and my loyal minions.” Ganondorf turned His head to look halfway at Sonic as He walked down the tower. “Looks like you don’t get to much company.” Sonic chuckled slightly. “No company, just a foe.….” Ganondorf stopped talking and closed His eyes like He was having a flashback. “What’s wrong?” Sonic was starting to feel suspicious. Then they walked into the large foyer of the castle. Ganondorf closed the door behind them. They walked to the left side of the foyer, there were many doors in the foyer, Sonic wasn’t for sure witch one they were going in. They stopped at a door. “This is your room.” Ganondorf opened the door, it was dark, since Ganondorf never gets guest, He never lights the whole castle. “Thanks, but who are you talking about? C‘mon, it shouldn‘t take too long to just tell me.”. “Huh…. Eh… certainly, a foe of war, He deceives people with His lies! He may be human, but under that skin with no muscle, it‘s a snake! A dark snake that deceives the people of Hyrule! But He hasn‘t gotten to me! I see His lies! His name is Link! He even has a princess that is no better than Him!” Ganondorf walked into the room. “And here’s a story you might like to hear.” Ganondorf lit a few candles around the room. “Long ago, in the land of Hyrule, there was once a great EVIL LORD… He was once a great thief, the greatest of them all. He was one of the worlds most wanted criminals! He was to be executed as soon as He was caught. And they found Him, and They executed Him, so they thought. But by the power He was blessed with, the Triforce, He revived Himself!” Ganondorf continued as His voice echoed thru the whole castle, shaking the walls and everything on them! “He broke free from the chains He was tied to! He killed the Elder that had killed Him! Then they had no choice but to banish Him to the Twilight Realm! For sentries He awaited for the portal to reopen!” Ganondorf kept on speaking of the story. His voice got louder and louder! “Finally the portal opened. But it was the HERO that the Dark Lord feared, the hero carried the bane of evil, known as the Master Sword! The hero that wielded the Master Sword was the one, the only one that stood in the Dark Lord’s way! The Dark Lord struck fear into the soul of the hero, but the hero too had been blessed by the power of the Triforce. There was someone else that helped Link. It was the Princess Zelda. Each of them were blessed by the power of the Triforce, the Dark Lord was blessed with the Triforce of Power, the hero was blessed with the Triforce of Courage, and the Princess Zelda was blessed with the Triforce of Wisdom. Then, the Dark Lord drew out the sword that He had been executed by, until only one would stand, the battle would not end… The great King of Evil was finished.” Ganondorf paused for a moment, then continued. “The Evil Lord had lost the Battle. But He could not be defeated forever! He would only be banished to His Sacred Prison in the Dark World! He escaped! And still walks these grounds today, and still seeks revenge on the hero.” Ganondorf had finally finished His story. Sonic’s face was frozen. “Nice story. Is this one real?” Ganondorf grinned and turned around to Sonic. “Yes, that story is true, and that Dark Lord still lives on today. Goodnight Sonic, we will talk more of this tomorrow.”

Morning came and Sonic walked into Ganondorf’s tower, looking for Ganondorf. Ganondorf wasn’t in the tower. Sonic started to search the rest of the castle. Sonic still couldn’t find Ganondorf. As Sonic walked thru the castle, He came across some of Ganondorf’s minions. Sonic was freaked out by the shapes and sizes they came in. Then Sonic came across a shadow like figure. “Umm, can you tell me where Ganondorf is, mister?” The shadowed figure had an odd hat and a tunic with a chain mail under it, the tunic was old, black and grey. The figure also had red eyes that pierce into your soul, with grey hair and black shadow colored skin, as if the man was only half visible. “Lord Ganondorf has been expecting you. He told me to bring you to Him when you awoke. Come with me.” They walked down the dark hall that was barely lit with torches. You could barely even see the carpet. “What’s your name?” The shadow figure kept on walking. “I am only someone‘s shadow. I share the same name of someone else, I am not even real. I am the shadow of Link.” Sonic was slowly getting information about Hyrule. “So this is what Link looks like.” They then came to a stop in front of two large doors. “Here we are. Walk on in.” Sonic walked in the room. It was huge! There was a large throne in the back of the room. Sonic was looking all around the room. There were these great large statues, it almost looked like they were looking right at Him. There was a large table in front of the throne. “Welcome to my throne room, Sonic the hedgehog. You must be hungry, come sit.“ Then one of the statues had moved from its post and moved a small chair in front of Ganondorf’s throne. “I thought I saw those guys looking at me. Um, thanks.” Sonic wouldn‘t take His eyes off of the statue until it got back in it‘s position. “Now, choose your pick of delights. We have little food, but enough to fill a hedgehog. There’s fruit, meats and other sorts.” Sonic sat down and took a good look. “Sonic, I’ve been watching you for sometime now, and I think you’ve got what it takes.” Sonic swallowed the food in His throat. “I got what it takes for what?” Ganondorf smiled. “I wish I could help the people get out of the shadows of lies. These people of Hyrule, the zoras of the zora domain, the gorons of Death Mountain, the deku of the Lost Woods, and all the other races of Hyrule, they all deserve much better than to be under the power of such a snake like Link! I have been watching you ever since you’ve entered the lands of Hyrule, I’ve seen your speed, it’s unmatched! Unbeatable! Unstoppable! You and me! We together can defeat Link!”. “So this whole thing was a setup? You knew I was here all along?”. “Yes, but I must ask you, where did you come from?” Sonic put His plate down. I came from… well, to be honest, I don’t remember. I was just running and all of the sudden, the skies turn dark and cloudy and the next thing you know, it’s raining! I looked behind me, but there was nothing but storm clouds.” Ganondorf walked over to the balcony in the throne room. “but how could day turn to night in a flash?”. “I don’t know. By the way, this place kinda looks, medieval. What’s up with that?” Ganondorf turned away from the balcony. “What do you mean? the is what every day looks like, minus the rain.”. “Yeah but, this doesn’t make any sense. Wait, what if the Chaos Emerald had an effect on my sonic boom? Maybe by me creating a sonic boom along with holding the Chaos Emerald in my hand…” Ganondorf looked into the green emerald. “S-Sonic?! What is that?” Ganondorf reached out for the emerald and Sonic handed it over. “This is a Chaos Emerald. There are seven all together. Only few can use the emerald’s power, but if you want it’s full power, get all seven together, but once you’ve used it’s ultimate power, they scatter and you have to look for them all over again. “But with such power, we could finally defeat Link and Zelda. Such, power!” Ganondorf wouldn‘t take His eyes off of the emerald. “But only few can control and use It’s powers. I’m not saying your not powerful, but It’s true that few people can control the Chaos Emeralds.” Ganondorf looked a little disappointed. “Hmm, what powers do these emeralds have within?” Ganondorf was so curious and excited. “They have the ability to transport mostly, but they also have the ability to travel thru time! But if you want the ultimate power they hold, gather all seven emeralds and you can unleash unimaginable powers!” Sonic got up from His chair and walked around the throne room. “... But before we keep talking about the emeralds, what happened? How did I end up here, like the skies turning too night? What if me making a sonic boom and holding the Chaos Emerald broke thru the fabric of time and opened a portal, leading to a different time line, or maybe even traveling thru space!” Ganondorf had then come up with a plot to get rid of Zelda and Link, and get sonic to help. “… Sonic, would you be willing to help me get rid of Link and Zelda? If you do, I would be willing to get you back home, your home.” Sonic didn’t seem too lost anymore, He knew He was with a friend now. “You’ll help me get home? Yes, I’ll help!” Sonic felt better now. “Excellent! We need the Chaos Emeralds in order to fight Link and Zelda, they are far too powerful, and we won’t stand too much of a chance against them without the emeralds.” Sonic smiled. “No problem!” “They won’t stand a chance against us when we have the power of the Chaos Emeralds in our hands! Muaahahaahahaaahahahaaahhahaaahh!” Ganondorf was laughing out loud shaking the castle! Sonic looked at Ganondorf in a funny way, a rather odd way. “You feeling okay?”. “…er…… Just clearing my throat. Now, we shall start a search as soon as possible! Where are the rest of these emeralds Sonic?”. “I don’t know, there probably back in my time line. But, those emeralds have been around for thousands of years. Maybe we can find more of the emeralds here in Hyrule!” Ganondorf smiled, slightly. “I think your right Sonic!”. “Alright! Lets get started!” Sonic started to head for the door.

So Sonic and Ganondorf started a search for the emeralds! But don’t think that they were the only ones searching for the Chaos Emeralds. The well known, but infamous villain, DR. Eggman, was on the same search for the Chaos emerald as they were. “What’s going on!? Noooooooo!”. Eggman’s battleship was being pulled into the same portal Sonic ran thru. “No! We’re being sucked in! “Switch to emergency mode!” The ship had been sucked in the portal.
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Sonic and Ganondorf
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